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martes, octubre 17, 2006

Rain @ Madrid

Today had rain in Madrid

This little issue, in every civilizated world city is something normal, understood, accepted and handled by the citizens without any other problem than a pair of wet shoes and carring an umbrella for the whole day.

However, in Madrid, rain have asocciated a serie of unexplicable phenomena that we will try to analyze in this humble blog.

First, rain creates a powerful attraction to take the car.
People is uncapable of carring an umbrella or put a rain-cape, go to work in public transport must be a horrible torture in this days because everyone tries  to go by his own private car, there is no official statistics about the traffic increment in Madrid this rainy days, but at least must be a percentage of 2 digits. Those that are forced to go by car every day, not because we like it, but because public transport in this city is absolutely UNUSEFUL, see hoy waves of new users claims its part of the satured highways of this city.

Second, rain as a build impeller.
Impressive, the quantity of trucks, workers, excavators, mobile cranes, settles, holes, pockets, deflections, and handled-STOP-signals LatinGuys, seems to be multiplied by 1.000 during these days. Ah!, no!, it was the M-30, then is normal until....2007?

Third, rain as an accident generator.
It is decided, rainy days I will ask for a free day at work, and I will ride the Madrid's highways asking for a lot of money to fix the broken cars. How it is possible that all the cars wait for a rainy day to broke down? What unexplicable and paranormal phenomenon ends in that every border of the way is full of reflectant triangles and super-visible vests? I think there are two possibilities, or people stops to see the hypnotic rain fall in the glasses of the car, or we live in a city controlled by gremlins and rain acts as a big boom in their demografic pyramid.

And fourth, the big secret, known from the old egiptians: RAIN DELETES THE DRIVING ABILITIES
Incredible, people forgets its driving when having some rain drops at the windshield, demonstrated, the quantity of motherfuckers, stupids, clevers, and fuck-offs (I don't know more english insults), by meter highs exponentially. It seems as if with rain drops the drivers of this city start an hypnotic trance and were uncapable of braking on time, use the intermittents and could only take the exits of the roads at the very last possible meter.

And you could say, why this boring post? What has this in relation with the motivation of this blog?. To be honest, nothing, but i need it to, really, after having been 3 fucking whole hours to get to the work today, I need to say all this.

At last, I want from here to give thanks to our holy mayor Mr Alberto Ruiz Gallardon, and his whole court of flatters, and his big team of pharaonic architects, because their builds at the M-30 are vey beautiful, I could see them very close today for a long time, and congratulate them because the A-2 exit from M-30 is very...good. Sincerely, Mr Gallardón, I hope than when you end your political work, and hope this will occur in the next ellections, you should need to enter to work at 8:30 using that holy exit from M-30

PD: Excuse me for my, usually, horrible english.

-- with the balls touched (for three whole hours).

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  1. Ingles macarronico del bueno si señó, te falta conger one fatiguita, y discard dis card.

    Cosas raras que he visto:

    Uncapable suena raro, unable me parece más correcto.

    It is decided, no sé....It's clear, o Definetly....

    Drive in the highway, creo que Ride es para bicis y caballos.

    no sé, en general bien, se nota que te has tomado one o dos Fatiguitas....

  2. Con un poco de suerte algun guiri de los que lee esto lo publicita un poco por ahi.

    Por cierto, para que veais que no es una paranoia personal, mas información